DeLorean Time Machine Hire in the UK

Original Cast & Celebrity Guests

The DeLorean Time Machine has had visits from the original Cast & many Celebrity Guests over the years.
Its always a pleasure to welcome them to the BTTF Car.

Back to the Future Original Cast & Crew

Our BTTF DeLorean is honoured to have worked with so many of the original
cast and production crew from the Back to the Future Trilogy over the years,
from the main cast, as well as the writer, director and producer.
 It’s also the only DeLorean Time Machine in the world that can say that !

Ready Player One Cast & Crew

Another big milestone was when Warner Bros contacted us to supply the DeLorean for
 The European Premiere of Ready Player One.
To get it just right we had to remove the DMC badge from the front grill and fit the important red Knightrider scanner, so it appearance match the big screen version.

Hollywood Celebrity Guests

TV Celebrity Guests

Sports Celebrity Guests