DeLorean Time Machine Hire in the UK

BTTF Car DeLorean Time Machine Hire UK

DeLorean Time Machine Hire the ONLY Official DeLorean Time Machine for Hire in the UK and across Europe.


Used by Universal Studios Hollywood

The Delorean Time Machine travelled back to original filming locations including: Twin Pines Mall, The Clock Tower in Hill Valley and Marty McFly’s 1985 and 2015 houses. The DeLorean Time Machine felt like it was home !

The BTTF car DeLorean Time Machine Hire in front of The Clock Tower at Universal Studios Hollywood
On set at the original Clock Tower located at Universal Studios Hollywood

The Scream Awards 2010

The show opens with a video set in 1985 and the Delorean Time Machine pulls away from a nightclub with the destination date set to 2010, The DeLorean then speeds off and disappears leaving a fire trail on the road….
The crowd in the live theatre screams and cheers as the DeLorean Time Machine appears from the smoke, its arrived. Then David Spade exists the car and welcomes on stage Michael J Fox and Christopher Lloyd to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Back to the Future,
the intro video and stage car was our car The BTTF Car DeLorean Time Machine.

The BTTF Car DeLorean Time Machine Hire on stage with Christopher Lloyd and Michael J Fox at the Scream Awards 2010 held in Hollywood
Scream Awards 2010 Hollywood

Back to the Future Live in Concert 2015

We where asked to supported the original Back to the Future Composer Alan Silvestri on his world  Premiere of Back to the Future in Concert in Switzerland. A long road trip later and we met up with Alan for a drink in the Hotel. We spent 2 days in Switzerland with Alan and his lovely wife Sandra. The show ran for 2 days and was a complete sell out
We then was invited to attend the UK premiere held at the Royal Albert Hall in London which again was a sell out.
We have continued to support the show as it appears around the UK

Back to the Future : The Musical

We was approached when the musical was in development to help with the stage car and to promote the show.
After many trips to London for the DeLorean Time Machine to be scanned a slightly smaller version f our car was born.
We also attended many press days and promotional video shoots for the musical
The car was positioned outside the theatre opening night and the at the after after show party.

BTTF Car DeLorean Time Machine Hire featuring on the Official Back to the Future Musical Poster
the Official poster featuring our car
BTTF Car DeLorean Time Machine hire on stage with the cast of the Back to the Future Musical
on stage at the BBC Sports Relief 2020 with the cast of the Back to the Future Musical

We also appeared onstage for the BBC Charity show : Sport Relief 2020 with the cast of the show.

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