DeLorean Time Machine Hire in the UK

The U.K & Europe's only Official DeLorean Time Machine

Our DeLorean Time Machine

The BTTF DeLorean started life in Hollywood.
The DeLorean Time Machine was used in partnership with Universal Studios Hollywood back in 2010.
The Time machine was built following the original plans using vintage parts to get that perfect look.
No one else can offer you such a correctly detailed BTTF DeLorean.
Now this amazing BTTF Car can be hired for your event in the U.K.
The car features all the effects inside and out that you remember seeing in the movie.
Make you event stand out, Out shine your competitors.
We are happy to meet your every needs where possible.
The DeLorean always comes with a driver or staff to watch over it when on display.

The Official Back to the Future Musical DeLorean Time Machine

The official BTTF Car for the West End hit show “Back to the Future: The Musical”.
Used for Blue Carpet European Premiere of Ready Player One along side Steven Spielberg.
The BTTF Time Machine was used to support the original composer Alan Silvestri at the 
Back to the Future Live in Concert World Premiere held in Switzerland.

We was honoured to supported Michael J Fox when at his first ever Comic Con.
The event raised funds for his charity Team Fox, in conjunction with Showmasters Ltd at Olympia London.

The only BTTF  DeLorean to be signed by all major Cast & Crew from the Back to the Future Trilogy.

Appeared on various TV programmes, Music Videos, Corporate Trade Stands, and Comic Cons across Europe.

The BTTF Car has visited 20 different countries around the World.

To hire the BTTF Car just email
Mobile 07790838617 for a chat